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Shafaq Ahmad

Firmaments Revolve and Merge

2011, Oil on linen, 60"w x 60"h

Multicultural awareness is central in my work. I am intrigued and inspired by mysticism which is to believe in the all-encompassing unity. It influences the conceptual and formal aspects of my work. My mystical thought manifests in the physical reality of the work as it relates to our existence in the Universe. It attempts to convey the realization and acceptance of diverse people and cultures and bridge the disparity to convey the message of sameness and equality. The universal aspect, of being threads of the same human fabric, is expressed through the artistic process of layering, adding, subtracting and mark making. It involves intuition, experimentation and subconscious decisions. The process of applying repetitive calligraphic text is deeply meditative. Each layer intends to create a unique spiritual space for the mind to penetrate and pass through to reach imagination. I use ancient Arabic text, which has been a source of inspiration for numerous artists from the Middle East, India and Pakistan, and present it in a contemporary context to make it an inclusive experience. It is an encounter between East and West to make images that have wide appeal.

Shafaq Ahmad - Firmaments Revolve and Merge

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