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Carlo Allarde

Chaos and Order

2010, Mixed media, 48"w x 72"h

I paint dreams and visions too. The dreams and visions of my time. Painting is the effort to produce order. Order in myself. There is much chaos in me. Much chaos in our time. Picking up fragments from my past work and throwing them on a wood surface. Layering. Tracing. And covering the images I started with. I come to a chaotic image and try to add a sense of order. Only to cover the whole thing with more chaotic images. My work is a representation of the idea of chaos and order. My work is an effort to create order within myself as I find much chaos in my surrounding. As the applied layers collapse on each other they create conflict or are unpredictable and appear random. This is the essence of drama within the idea of chaos and order. At times I found myself destroying part of the work and starting over or changing the process of how I would apply the layers to each other. This push and pull process was an oxymoron approach to find balance in chaos and order in a visual language. I hope to leave you with an intimate piece for your own meditation.

Carlo Allarde - Chaos and Order

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