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William A. Angus

BFA 2010

Joie de Vivre: An Exultation of Spirit

oil on canvas, 2013-2014, 144"w x 60"h

Here I visualize what the brain of a joyous, highly stimulated being might look like. The manifestations of being alive boil down to electrical impulses that magically comprise the “me.” While these cranial impulses comprise a few cubic centimeters, they control all aspects of sentient life. This work conveys the sobering dominance of these microscopic dancing signals. While laughing hysterically, I wildly poured streams of enamel paint over three canvas panels already thick with still-wet indigo paint. The mechanical actions of arms and legs over the canvases on the floor, and the uncontrolled giggling while doing so, were all “stage managed” by the brain firing off signals like those represented on the canvases. A sort of self-portrait action painting results.

William A. Angus  - Joie de Vivre: An Exultation of Spirit

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