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Desiree Baker-Fletcher

SMU, BFA and BA 2018

Thick Black Hair; What Are You Doing Here

Acrylic, ink, charcoal, gouache, 2017, 19.9"w x 25.8"h (each)

This series of paintings consists of words and phrases that come from my personal experience with racial profiling, prejudice and black empowerment. Through the process of repetition, some words become obscured while others are partially visible. As a black artist who grew up in a predominantly white neighborhood, I use my works to explore the abstraction of my experiences into paintings. Every piece has a certain amount of emotional energy that reflects the feelings and thoughts I had while making the work. These emotions ranged from frustration and anger to hope and empowerment.

Desiree Baker-Fletcher
 - Thick Black Hair; What Are You Doing Here

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