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Maria Barrientos

TCU, BFA 2019

11,616 ft, 937 Taylor St., Fort Worth, TX

Photography, 2018, 11"w x 17"h

In my work, I venture into art that captures the ephemera of life by exploring and navigating through the spaces in between dream and reality. I seek to create immersive and interactive spaces to trigger memories and stages of consciousness, discomfort and confusion. Liminal space is a key component in order to emphasize the juxtaposition between life and death, to navigate an understanding of the work, to be fully immersed in its ambiguity and disorientation. Through the process, my goal is to make sense of my surroundings through the small details that create something bigger than myself.

Maria Barrientos - 11,616 ft, 937 Taylor St., Fort Worth, TX

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  1. Kevan Johnson says:
    October 17th, 2018 at 3:57 pm

    Wow, I used to live in this neighborhood! I walked to and from my school just north of this location. During the summer we’d visit that little restaurant (it was a BBQ place) almost daily!

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