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Daniel E. Bertalot

SMU, MFA 2016

Faceprint: Robert Emmitt

Graphite, 2016, 8.5"w x 12"h

These drawings were made in light of the implementation of facial recognition software, developed by Churchix, used in American mega-churches. The amount of information the software requires to identify a person is known as a faceprint. These drawings, portraits of regional Texan mega-church pastors, express the desire for the camera’s eye to focus on the pastor, who functions as the face of the church. The act of hand-drawing is a kind of resistance to the use of the technology to render an image of a person’s face. The amount of information rendered for each portrait is a rough estimation of what would be necessary to make a faceprint of the person speaking.

Daniel E. Bertalot - Faceprint: Robert Emmitt

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