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Lucas V. Biagini

BFA 2018

Immerge and Merge

Oil, acrylic, plasticine, wax, sand, 2018, 36"w x 48"h

My work is a symphony of structural marks, textures and colors that are inspired by natural forms and music. Using an array of materials such as oil and acrylic paint, plasticine, wax, sand, wood and many other nontraditional mediums, I have developed a series of unique marks that I use to create my own impressions of the world around me. As I think of a scene or use a reference, I begin to choose the marks that would best respond to that particular concept. Through adding and removing marks, building layers and working with color, I develop complex surfaces that become three-dimensional representations of the natural world.

Lucas V. Biagini - Immerge and Merge

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