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Jen Lynn Bolt

Composed Calm III

photography 1/1, 2012, 20"w x 20"h

The series Composed Calm is influenced by optical art, psychedelic art, album cover art and material art such as quilting. These images embrace the technique of tricolour photography, which is achieved by photographing a moving subject three times and then digitally overlapping the RGB channels—the red of the first image, the green of the second and the blue of the third—in order to produce a final image that places additive, artificial and fully saturated colour in the instances where the movement of the subject took place. The work uses this colour technique in combination with pattern to create illusions such as movement, vibration and warping. The simple geometric shapes introduced into certain works create a strange sense of control and order contrasting the chaotic patterning and colour. I am interested in the interaction between illusion and the picture plane, between seeing and understanding, and the relationship between shape, pattern and colour.

Jen Lynn Bolt - Composed Calm III

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