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Megan Bowdon

Crocheted Piece in Shades of Blue-Green

2012, Crocheted yarn on MDF pedestal, 11.5"w x 45"h x 11.5"d

The idea of using traditional materials and methods has always fascinated me. I see magic in the repetitive motions required for creating fabric and milling wood. Each of my projects builds on my past experience, the conventions of the material and its customary application. My work is a nod to the proud tradition of carpentry and textiles while it explores how those skills are relevant to my generation. I hope to continue to discover new ways to merge traditional materials with contemporary statements.

In future endeavors, I wish to meld my two passions: fibers and fine woodworking. Each resonates with me because of the time and skill required to make the transition from raw, lifeless materials to pure, living beauty. The contrast between soft and hard mediums produces a harmony that can only be achieved through patience, a commitment to craftsmanship and the true joy I find in creating something of beauty.

Megan Bowdon - Crocheted Piece in Shades of Blue-Green

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