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Chris Bramel

While You Were Sleeping

2011, Ultrachrome inkjet print, 37"w x 13"h

In the landscape I find my home. It feels as though if everything disappeared that there would still be something there. Memories are only representations. My photographs are representations of experience towards development in our temporary explorations of existence.

I think it’s neat that the photograph involves a very specific time. My photos are pieced up of images that are at different times. I live there during that time. However, that time is so ephemeral. That is why I take not only long exposures, but also these explorative panoramas. I can understand this existence for that moment but can only guess how time will morph my hypothesis through photographic representation.

I can create a visual representation of a specific place and time that no one will ever experience again. Through my memory and through recording onto a physical and digital format, these instances can be recalled. I want to invite viewers to experience and recall these events with me through the photographic image.

Ultimately I want to share Another Version of the Truth.


Chris Bramel - While You Were Sleeping

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