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Erika Lieschen Briel

Landscape Series 1-4

2008, Aquatint etchings, 31.25"w x 42.75"h (each)

The series of prints titled and associated with Landscape Composition examines my interest in manipulating elements by deciding what to juxtapose to create tension, language, and balance of harmony on a single plane. I made decisions based on my intuition of what feels right. These works have become a journal for me to express my voice without words. Design by any means can transform any feeling into a familiar space or vulnerable element. I make each large-scale design based on the previous steps. Each print is a process in itself, informed by my personal experiences in architecture and interior design. In a sense, these works are blueprints of my life manifested through art.

Erika Lieschen Briel - Landscape Series 1-4

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