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Bradly Brown

Transpacific (a line drawn from Texas to Japan)

2012, 194 #2 pencils, paper, steel, pencil sharpeners, 40"w x 72"h

The average lead pencil can draw a straight line for 35 miles, or so the myth says. I used 194 #2 pencils to draw a line on a piece of paper that theoretically spans 6,790 miles—the distance between Fort Worth and Hiroshima. The work was created for an exchange program between Texas Christian University and Hiroshima City University. The word Chorioactis was masked out on the paper and left clean. Chorioactis is a mushroom commonly known as “the devil’s cigar” or “Texas star” in the United States. In Japan it is called kirinomitake. This extremely rare mushroom is notable for its unusual appearance and disjunct distribution; it is found only in select locales in Texas and Japan. This piece of endurance is meant to reflect the distance traveled by the mushroom’s spore cloud between the two countries, mirrored by the movements of my hand.

Bradly Brown - Transpacific (a line drawn from Texas to Japan)

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