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Alicia N. Bulhoes

BFA 2015


house paint, acrylic, Ikea parts on birch, 2015, 24"w x 30"h x 2.5"d

The personalities that my knowingly inanimate objects often possess are inherited from the material origins of their construction. As I reengage with residential ready-made supplies, I reconstruct their narrative allowing the parts to exist beyond their initial status as purchased commodities. As the objects slowly assemble, they assume roles with a handmade quality reengaging in the conversation around DIY ethics. Through craft ideals, I form an intimacy with these standardized materials as they become subtle tokens of my human experience. The vulnerable materiality of the objects conveys their honest intentions as they attempt to engage viewers into their social setting. Particular pieces act in a humble manner: Some are sophisticated, but most are quirky.

Alicia N. Bulhoes - HUTTEN SR.

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