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Kat Burdine

MFA 2015

Mom, I Don’t Wear Heels

sassafras wood, screenprint, 2014, dimensions vary

The representation and misrepresentation of marginalized groups of people and their environments have always been a source of fascination for me. Female masculinity is its own minefield of absurd stereotypes and contradictory mandates around style, manner and acceptance. Multiple and discordant social pressures constrain and compel people in their self-presentation. In an individual’s attempt to resolve, reject and navigate expectations, strange affinities and aversions are formed with otherwise benign signifiers. I work with signs that can’t speak, invisibility through high visibility and fabrics that don’t wrap to describe this left-footed jig of gender presentation. Through human- and large-scale sculptural prints, I poke at the awkward, ugly, lovable dance of socially assigned gender presentation and its consequences.


Kat Burdine - Mom, I Don’t Wear Heels

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