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Rosalind Carnes

The Skeptic

Charcoal on paper, 23.5"w x 31.5"h

Self-discovery through a complex and sometimes arduous search for an Absolute Other is a basic theme of civilization, a theme supporting an enormous literature: Odysseus, Aeneas, The Diaspora, Chaucer, Christopher Columbus, Pilgrim’s Progress, Jules Verne, Western ethnography, Mao’s Long March. It grows and develops, arriving at a kind of final flowering in modernity. What begins as the proper activity of a hero (Alexander the Great) develops into the goal of a socially organized group (the Crusaders), into the mark of status of an entire social class (the Grand Tour of the British “gentlemen”), eventually becoming a universal experience (the tourist).”

[Dean MacCannell, The Tourist]

Rosalind Carnes - The Skeptic

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