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Jason E. Carter


2009, Oil on linen, 34"w x 24"h

In this body of work I use found photography, specifically Polaroids. The Polaroids are discarded memories, shot by amateurs, of which the original stories are lost. I begin to re-contextualize the images, awaken their memories and reclaim their pasts. After an exploration within the contents of these photos, they are reintroduced with a new identity. This identity is not a complete abstraction; I leave significant elements in this new composition. I look at it as a collaboration between the original photographer and myself. In this particular painting I placed in a Bauspiel. This is a children’s toy created by Alma Buscher in 1922 during her time at the Bauhaus. I am interested in and commenting on the importance of the role of play in art and as an educational device.

Jason E. Carter - Bauspiel

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