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David Cavaliero

This is Neither in Front, Nor Behind You

2010, Etched mirror, 51.5"w x 42"h

I am interested in perspective. Not just the claustrophobic linearity of a narrow avenue, but also my perception of this space and how I am reflected in it, in both literal and figurative terms.

My current work utilizes mirrors to create this self-awareness. These reflective objects, recontextualized when marked with text or, in some cases, symbols, make me simultaneously self-conscious and cognizant to the fact that what I’m looking at is a representation. I find they mark the borders between reality and illusion, flatness and volume, and the documentation and distortion of space and self-perception. I find that the more closely I examine these concepts, the more abstract they become.

My inquiry has required significant, and often challenging, confrontations with the materials used in the commercial production of these objects. My aim is to manipulate these materials to generate various levels of transparency and reflectivity within a single piece; doing so allows me to produce work that creates tension and free-flowing movement between the seemingly polar opposites of representation and abstraction.


David Cavaliero - This is Neither in Front, Nor Behind You

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