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Janet Chaffee


2005, Dry pigment, antique lace, encaustic and oil paint on panel, 24"w x 24"h

This work is an intuitive exploration of how universal ideograms such as specific mediums and antique lace are connected to me. Using a spontaneous and open construct, my work explores ideas of chance through the fluidity and layering of medium. The process is a conversation between the old and the new. I use lace as a metaphor because it has long been a part of community, ceremonies, rituals, customs and everyday life that bind individuals and community together creating a continuity of public and personal histories. I combined dry pigment, reflecting on the history of art, with lace and used a beeswax skin to bind them together, allowing the spontaneity and chance of hot wax to also act as metaphor indicating the deviations or changes that often occur within an expected course that ultimately create a new history. Most of my paintings range in size from 12″ x 12″ to 7′ x 8′. I have also been doing large scale drawings based on my paintings and the antique lace.

Janet Chaffee - Tenemos

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