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Karen S. Chan

Colour Play No. 3

acrylic on canvas, 2014, 30.25"w x 36"h x 1.75"d

The objective in my artwork is to stimulate vision through the exploration of colour, creating a particular aesthetic and mood. By rearranging the space within each square, I explore the relationship between perspective and mood through various colour combinations. Place is explored through geometry and optical interplay to generate space and a state of tension. Each square suggests perspective and depth through the juxtaposition of colour. The square gives concise economic control and pictorial vocabulary, allowing the viewer to focus on the colour relationships. While the repetitive use of the square reinforces its dynamic qualities, the effective colour relationship is heightened. The colours are combined to create a complex aesthetic that advances and recedes in a three-dimensional way; positive and negative areas attempt to accentuate different physical spaces.

Karen S. Chan - Colour Play No. 3

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