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Caroline Chandonnet

TCU, BFA 2015

Black & White Portrait 2

photography, 2015, 22"w x 34"h

There is a great deal of irony in the concept of photography. Since the earliest days of its existence, its primary goal was to capture a moment in time and make it last. However, in trying to capture certain things, it is easy for us to miss other things. We become so concerned with capturing a specific image that many other things remain unseen. In my series of black-and-white portraits, I instructed the models to come as they were. Neither makeup nor preparation time was allowed. The only instruction was to stand in front of the camera. I snapped each picture without warning and am ecstatic with the images that were created. I hope my models were able to see a side of themselves they didn’t expect.

Caroline Chandonnet
 - Black & White Portrait 2

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