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Theresa Choe

Scopophilia of Topos I

2013, Graphite, ink, mixed media collage, paper, 22"w x 30"h

Scopophilia literally means “the love of looking.” In this case, the love of looking at common places—tópos from the Greek—or spaces. I see tópos as a representation of self-identity and one’s sense of place in the world. The unconscious process of looking at and identifying one’s milieu and the inverse moment of conscious recognition of being the object of the gaze is one that all humans experience at the very earliest moments of life in what French philosopher Jacques Lacan calls the mirror stage. One is no longer a set of fragmentary and undefined boundaries between self and the other. The tópos or terrain of the self is a projection of the world that one defines literally, metaphorically and metaphysically.

Theresa Choe - Scopophilia of Topos I

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