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EunJi Choi


brass, steel, 2014, 6.5"w x 23.5"h x 3.5"d

I continuously examine my work and consider the actions involved in creating it. The repetitive action during the working process is perhaps a form of meditation. Inspirations from sound and this meditative approach allow me to find “ritual routine” in daily life. The bells become ritual tools by twisting, gathering, combining with other forms. When the bells are calmly sitting on a table, in a passive state, they evoke potential sound. The brass hemispheres of the bells imply not only the hidden sound but also the required balance for them to be active. I make objects that are personal yet universal. I hope my work allows the viewers to sense the invisible phenomena that surround us and to gain a new perspective in life.


EunJi Choi  - Untitled

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