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Jojo Chuang

Idea of Plane (Mimicry series)

wood, spray paint,, laminate, 2013, 12"w x 16"h x 0.75"d

The Idea of Plane is a reinterpretation of the gap between 2D and 3D using material and graphics. I introduced veneer into this project to enrich the material selection and to expand the definition of color in my work. Color is not only pigment and hue; it can also be understood as surface treatment (e.g., marble). From a material aspect, laminate is perceived to be cheap and of poor quality, but people forget the possibility within it. Laminate is a sheet material that can be shaped and cut like paper to create pattern. In this project, I transformed laminate into a different visual language that combines three-dimensional shapes into interesting graphic objects that illustrate optical illusion, yin and yang, mimicry of nature and more.

Jojo Chuang - Idea of Plane (Mimicry series)

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