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Violet Chum

Sliding Party

2011, Acrylic on canvas, 49"w x 31"h

My work reflects the nature and lifestyle of family and friends from my hometown: Moose Factory Island in northern Ontario. Winter is my favorite season of the year, and my work captures the playful energy of those enjoying the great outdoors. Allen Sapp’s work brings me back to a time and place during my childhood of playing in the snow with family. It has inspired me to pursue landscape painting, which allows me to explore figurative compositions within a landscape setting. Loose brushstrokes capture the essence of the openness of winter scenery and freshness of harmonized colors. Painting winter landscapes enables me to explore and experiment with textural content and underlying colors of crystallized snow and observe the lively interaction between each figure caught in a moment of innocent playfulness. The cool colors of snow add an inviting atmospheric feeling, creating a sense of space and openness.


Violet Chum  - Sliding Party

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