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Hilary G. Cinque

SMU, BA 2013

The Devotees: East Dallas V

digital photography, 2013, 11"w x 14"h

I do not use photography as a means of self-expression. I use my artistic vision to tell the stories of others and seek out subjects with whom I do not identify. I approach them with a mission to understand and reflect their community. I form relationships, ask questions and observe. I spend time with my subjects, building trust and understanding. I encountered the East Dallas Hare Krishna community years ago and revisited them while working on a series of portraits of religious leaders. I was fascinated by this particular subculture and how it functions. I began to take photographs. And I listened to stories on front porches, messages in the temple and chants in the streets. I entered their community as an outsider in hopes of becoming a listener and a friend.

Hilary G. Cinque - The Devotees: East Dallas V

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