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Connie Connally

Full Moon Winter Tide

2011, Oil on canvas, 54"w x 54"h (16 12" x 12" panels)

The coastline of Santa Barbara, my new home, inspires my work. I draw extensively from its dynamic rhythm and my desire is to recreate that experience onto the canvas. The rich color schemes and fluid shapes in my paintings are informed by the nature that surrounds me. This painting was inspired by a shoreline sunset. The fading of the day left shimmering bits of sunset colors on the wet sands; tangled beach wrack played on its surface and the staccato rhythm of the gray tide consumed me.

My paintings are influenced by the evolving tradition of abstract expressionism exemplified by Joan Mitchell. As my body of work has matured over the past several years, a lighter, more buoyant palette has emerged. The fluid marks are thinly applied to a multi-layered surface. Oftentimes, a well-placed brushstroke can anchor the painting and allow the color fields and tonal variations to recede and advance across the ground.


Connie Connally - Full Moon Winter Tide

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