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Brittney Connelly

In the End Gravity Wins Series

2013, Paper, fabric, plastic, and thread on Masonite, 14.5"w x 15"h (each)

I use fabrics to construct 3-D amorphic shapes. The shapes are then mediated by utilizing thread and plastic to tether the form to the plane beneath it. I study how formal qualities such as light, color and the nature of the material affect each composition through the flattening and resurfacing of the form. These constructions serve as experiments in the surrealist technique of automatism. I start sewing, cutting and gluing the pieces, slowly building up each composition organically. In the end the drawings start to function as
diagrams or sketches; the sketches then transition into integral components that resurface in larger sculptural pieces that I construct.

Brittney Connelly - In the End Gravity Wins Series

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