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Ben Cook and Elizabeth J. Ewing

M.Arch. 2020 M.Arch. 2020

Speed 6

Digital print, 2019, 32"w x 48"h

This collaboration reimagines the painted works of Elizabeth Ewing through the kaleidoscopic digital lens of Ben Cook. By remapping and recontextualizing the spatial fields in the paintings as source imagery, properties of movement, positive and negative space, velocity, density and monochromatic play are all maximized. This collaboration has yielded these images as a series, but in many ways the dialogue has become more about the formation of a mutual visual language situated evenly between the physical and digital ends of the process itself. The works have begun to carve their own pathway as a result of this mutual individualism and at this point are as much their own visual identity as they are a part of the artists’ continua.

Ben Cook and Elizabeth J. Ewing - Speed 6

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