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Aisling D. McKeown

BFA 2017

Honest Ed’s

Encaustic, 2017, 24"w x 36"h x 1.5"d

The city at night. It scares some people. But I find delight in the riot of shapes, movement and color. The countryside, by comparison, has little to no geometry; the seaside is all horizontals. The city activates all of our senses. Some look at an Edward Hopper and hear the plaintive call of a freight train. Here is the buzz of neon and the gurgle and hiss of rain. Encaustic is my thing, beeswax and pigment. Such a soft and malleable material might seem at odds with the hard angular subject. But it works for me. If I want, I can make my buildings melt into the sky. Any time. Literally.

Aisling D. McKeown

 - Honest Ed’s

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