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Kay Dalton

Paintin’ the Blues

oil on canvas, 2013, 60"w x 48"h x 2"d

This is the fifth in the Blue Memories Inside Memories series. The varying sizes of squares depict compartments of our memory that harbor total recall or fragments of our past. Like memories, the squares are multicolored and both complex and incomplete in structure. The overlapping shapes and colors reveal our life’s history, the blending of all our experiences. The squares also show the past influencing subsequent actions and how they affect the future. The water elements in this piece and the incorporation of real sand complete the narrative. Sand is fine sediment of ground shells pounded by waves over eons of time. Like memories, it can be heavy in volume but as a single grain, as light as the wind. The final day working on this piece was finished out listening to Stevie Ray Vaughn.


Kay Dalton - Paintin’ the Blues

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