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Bernardo Diaz

Replacement Series

2011, 24"w x 48"h, 11"w x 14"h (each), 16" diameter, 10" diameter

I am interested in the exploration of varying cultural ideologies, the impact they have on the formation of our identities, and the manner in which they guide the way we view ourselves in relation to others and the world we live in. I’m interested in the amount of information one needs to perceive in order for an ideological shift to occur or for an ideological rift to be eased or erased. How many elements of my own experiences may be included in a work of art to communicate an idea to audiences on either side of an ideological spectrum, before more universal themes need to be addressed? Additionally, I am interested in creating work that is portable and can fit within various contexts and spaces, extending accessibility to the work to more than one audience.


Bernardo Diaz - Replacement Series

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