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Carola Dreidemie

Drawing Studies from Code, Red Set

2009, Inkjet prints on Hahnemüle Photo Rag Paper 308, 24"w x 24"h (each)

An exploration of repetition and the formation of pattern utilizing software as a medium. Using computation and code iteration to generate repeating forms and lines in endless loops. Inspired on textiles and the industrial production of patterns for fabrics. Thread as line, shine as light. Overlap of lines as order of stitches. Drawings as blueprints for industrial fabric production. Design as such. An artist’s fascination with computer code from the simplest ellipse to the continuous repetition of actions and their traces.

The loop is continuously pursued throughout my past work. The generation of rhythms and the repeating patterns has always been central in the composition of the video art and it is still the backbone of the current investigations. With code I have found the perfect generator of endless loops, somehow too perfect at times. Regardless, it continuously surprises me with the results. The investigation possibilities are immense. A minimum alteration or even an unintended omission can generate an unforeseen visual masterpiece and truly shock you awake: it is exciting, a discovery path of visual and intellectual stimulation.

Carola Dreidemie - Drawing Studies from Code, Red Set

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