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Matt A. Durant

Diploma 2001

Synergy #4

oil, acrylic, resin and repurposed wood, 2015, 26"w x 50"h

For my large abstract pieces, I work with a variety of mediums. Over the years I have developed a unique technique of squirting paint from a carpenter’s syringe, along with using traditional brushes and knives. I make my own alcohol- and oil-based pigmented stains to work with panels and reclaimed sources, with a focus on historical materials (wood, metal) with former lives and stories to tell. A longtime user of resin coating, I have begun to experiment with it, using it in ways other than as a final coat: sanding, slicing and applying it on some areas of a piece and not others. I am working toward an undefined end.

Matt A. Durant - Synergy #4

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