Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

Fort Worth, TX – Employee Art Exhibition

    One submission form is required for each work of art that is submitted.

    One image is required for each submission form (each work of art). However, more than one image may be provided for a single work of art in the cases of 3D works (to show multiple angles if desired) and multi-part works (such as diptychs). In these cases, a maximum of five images may be uploaded.

    For series of works, in which the individual works have separate titles/dates/dimensions/values/etc., separate forms must be submitted for each work.

    Questions may be directed to

    ARTIST NAME (This is how it will be displayed in the printed catalogue and on this website.):
    ARTWORK DESCRIPTION (This content will be used in the printed catalogue and on this website.):

    Title of Loan Object (Artwork):

    Please capitalize each word except for articles (a, the) and prepositions that might appear mid-title. Here’s an example: Woman with a Book

    Size of Loan Object:

    We are now accepting video submissions. TV screens displaying video works will have headphones attached for audio.

    Artist Statement (600 characters max):

    Your artist statement will be published in our print and online catalogues as well as on the plaques that will hang on the wall next to your art. The ideal length for the artist statement is approx. 100 words (600 character limit) and should be written for a mainstream audience. Please describe the meaning or story behind your work, your process, or your art practice in general as if you were explaining it to someone with no arts education. Please keep in mind that a lot of academic vocabulary can be confusing or intimidating to non-artists, and our intention is to make connections and to make your art accessible to all audiences. Statements may be edited for clarity and to conform with house style.

    Below are two examples of appropriate artist statements (content and length).

    Example 1: (By artist Vanessa Krause):
    As a citizen of two distinctive cultures, I find it hard to define where home is for me. Therefore, houses have become an obsession; they symbolize a stable existence in society which I have never truly felt. The house I have focused on is that of my Oma and Opa. For a long time, this place was the epicenter of stability in my disjointed world. By using an analogue collage methodology, combining images from both Canada and Germany, I explore the idea of belonging. With this process I create impossible maps and landscapes, fluid and changing works that reflect my own identity in flux.

    Example 2 (By artist Adam Chapman):
    In the hustle and bustle of city life, it is clear that the allure of Toronto is, more often than not, lost. I choose to represent Toronto visually because in living here I am part of its voice. Blessed to experience this city daily, I am excited by the opportunity to show others the ways I interact with Toronto as an artist. "Royalty" is an optimistic representation of integrating into the community of Toronto. It is named for both the elegance of its simplified colour scheme and its depiction of the energy on downtown Queen Street.


    Please upload one or more (up to five) images of your artwork. Images must be JPG format, 2MB limit (each). Please name image files with your last name followed by an underscore and then the first word of the artwork’s title (followed by a number if you are uploading more than one image per artwork.) For example, if the artists’ name is Jane Smith, and the artwork’s title is “Portrait of Samantha”, the image name would be “Smith_Portrait_1”.

    If you submitted video, please upload 4-5 still images (screen shots) in this section. These will be used for publication in our printed exhibition catalogue.


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