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Michael Frels

Koi #1

2010, Cyanotype on American cotton, cotton thread, adhesive, 28.5"w x 20.5"h

In this body of work, I shot digital photographs and printed them using the cyanotype photographic process. I digitally sliced each photograph into smaller images and created a negative on transparent ink-jet film for each division. Each negative was placed on top of American cotton paper hand-coated with the cyanotype chemical. Sandwiched between two plates of glass, I exposed the paper to ultraviolet light. The developed Prussian blue images were then sewn together to recreate the original photograph.

I attempt to share my “ultimate concerns” in life, in particular, the reflections, conversations and “happenings” that are current and important because they affect me. I hope that my photographs are not just evidence of decisive moments but living things abundant in meaning. Of course, meanings are ever-changing for each viewer. Like the viewer, I am led by my own perceptions and the interpretations relevant to my life and time.

Michael Frels - Koi #1

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