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Nicolás González

SMU, BFA 2016

Los Nopales de Mi Abue (My Grandma’s Cactus)

Gouache on paper, 2017, 16"w x 12"h

Every year in December, I take my parents back to their hometown Benito Juarez, “El Tulillo,” in Zacatecas, México. Here, the sky dominates the land, the mountains scrape the sky and the land can be seen for miles on end. It’s hot, dry desert where it hardly rains, every bug or plant has thorns and can be poisonous and every animal is wild who fears no man. This last December, I decided to adventure out aiming to capture the landscape on paper. Each image is personal to me with a story of its own.

Nicolás González - Los Nopales de Mi Abue (My Grandma’s Cactus)

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