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Ryan Goolsby

Untitled (Sag)

2013, Wood, paint, 72"w x 1.125"h x 1.5"d

This current series was born accidentally. It started as a project to construct frames that did not follow normal conventions—they bent around corners, drooped over pedestals, and weaved through doorways. It soon occurred to me that I had no ambition to make photographs to fill them; it was the frames themselves that held my interest.

The series became an investigation into color and shape: experimenting with how colors reflect, the way the white sections blend with the gallery walls leaving the color to float in space and the interaction of two colors.

The process is a cross between machine prec-sion and the handmade. Starting as sketches, the files are redrawn on a computer. The final output is a laser-cut wood pattern that I refine and paint to become a three-dimensional representation of the initial sketch. As a photographer, this process appeals to me because of its ability to be serially made.

Ryan Goolsby - Untitled (Sag)

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