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Jameson B. Gower

MFA 2019

Untitled (Rope Work 3)

Crocheted utility rope, 2017, 11"w x 10"h x 4.13"d

My studio practice is informed by what Glen Adamson has referred to as “a certain uncomfortable flaccidity” in fiber art. There is often a desire to keep the flaccid, the shameful, the unmasculine out of conversation. My unmasculine sculptures ask the viewer to take in the flaccidity, to consider the collapsing, often retreating structure and consider the power that resides in the softness. I am placing my materials at odds with their construction technique; ropes used in climbing, towing, fishing and other outdoor activities are crocheted. The binary relationship between the material and the process gestures toward the quiet power.

Jameson B. Gower

 - Untitled (Rope Work 3)

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