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Daniel Greenberg

Thin Skin

2013, Plastic, plastic shower hook, nails, 17"w x 31"h

My work occupies a space typically no greater than 1″ deep, usually on paper. Here I move off the paper and layer pieces of transparent, cutout plastic. The sources for these shapes are images found online: bondage rope wrapped around a male torso. I roughly traced bondage forms to create an energetic mark. These tracings are then cut out in plastic. The transparency of the material, the lack of representational information and the title point to a shallow identity. This temporary identity can be removed as easily as clothing. These forms can pass as pure abstraction, without knowledge of their original source, maintaining the etiquette that separates the public and private Identities so many gay men must keep up in their daily lives.

Daniel Greenberg - Thin Skin

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