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Linda Guy

System No. 4

2008, Mixed media on Yupo synthetic paper, 60"w x 42"h

Technically, I work with industrial and traditional materials, often incorporating printmaking methods resulting in works that fall in the tradition of drawing and painting. The materials in these drawings include copier toner, graphite, acrylic paint and screen ink onto Yupo synthetic paper, which is a polypropylene product.

Conceptually, a re-occurring theme exists dealing with the pairing of opposites, specifically the organic and the inorganic, the abstract and the observed. Questions are posed as to what is factual, what is fictional, what is sacred and what is profane. The idea that the universe is comprised of such arbitrary categories intrigues me. Since I use repeated shapes and images from earlier works, I think that my work relates to Systems Theory that studies the nature of groups of objects that interact producing a unique result.

A metaphysical muddle emerges upon closer inspection of the work. This quandary serves me well as it suggests a shifting paradigm that may or not suggest unity but at the very least represents a self-referential system that continues to engage me.

Linda Guy - System No. 4

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