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Gabrielle A. Hakes

SMU, BFA 2017

Polycrystal #5

earthenware, 2014, 10"w x 15"h x 8"d

Most inorganic solids are polycrystals, microscopic crystals fused together into a single solid (like most metals, rocks, ceramics and ice). Since I was a child, I have been interested in rock and crystal formations. The geometric forms are fascinating, and I have worked to capture nature’s seeming perfection in this piece. Clay is an appropriate medium; it becomes crystalline—and approximates its natural counterparts—during the firing process. Each visual choice was made to imitate the natural growth of crystals. The rough-hewn surface of the rock is juxtaposed against the smooth crystals that grow from its surface. The sheen of the glaze makes the crystals seem precious and gemlike, while the drips remind the viewer of the liquid solution that first created the formation.

Gabrielle A. Hakes
 - Polycrystal #5

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