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Susan Harrington

Yellow Head

2004, Mixed media on vellum, 18.5"w x 21.5"h

I first began working with vellum drawings years ago as part of my process of exploring how certain images would work in a painting. Once I found the appropriate location for an image, I could transfer
it by means of tracing through the vellum to the painting and then paint it in.

Later, I realized I really found that the vellum drawings in themselves were very interesting, particularly when I juxtaposed a number of them together. So I decided to duplicate this process in layered vellum drawings and let them stand on their own as works of art.

As with much of my work, Yellow Head and Himmelbett were created out of a need to evoke what is hidden and to represent an “interior world” rather than my duplicating outward appearances.

Susan Harrington - Yellow Head

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