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Lizzy Hicks

Snow Trains: Fort Worth

2011, Inkjet prints, 35"w x 12"h

I am often distracted by my environment. I am concerned with the interaction and presence of space and time. I look to the Cubists to formulate and conceptualize my artistic process, which is based on my complete engagement of the subject. When I am taking photographs, I am not focused on the act of combining multiple images, but I open myself to experiencing the moment and capturing my reality in any environment. I am almost always unsatisfied with just one frame being the true depiction of a subject, so it is imperative that I work with multiple images.

My intention is not to use the same image more than once in a single piece. In SnowTrains: Fort Worth, I use two images I took in sequence. The images were taken on the Hulen bridge in January 2011. If there had not been construction blocking one side of the road, I would not have been able to capture this fleeting moment I have experienced many times.


Lizzy Hicks - Snow Trains: Fort Worth

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