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Joanne Ho

Beneath the Depths

2010, Acrylic and inkjet transfers on canvas, 24"w x 40"h

I am interested in binary moments. By combining representational photographic images with abstract brushwork in my paintings, I subtly suggest a place of differences that are able to co-exist and depend on each other. Photographic imagery captures fragments of reality and reflects a desire to possess and slow down the world around us when our culture has become over-stimulated, image-hungry and difficult to keep up with.

By employing layers of paint, the fragmented images are transfigured to create a lucid whole — a kind of cinematic atmosphere is presented upon the canvas. Illusive clouds, landmasses and suggestive shapes describe the scene — one that admires the intricacies found in nature and perhaps tries to re-create a sublime balance amongst all.

Ambiguity is important to my paintings as it suggests that reality is a shifting state and continues to shift in a contemporary landscape where it is becoming difficult to separate fact from fiction, artifice from nature, and fantasy from reality.


Joanne Ho - Beneath the Depths

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