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Joanne Ho

I Dream of Somewhere Where the Sun Comes Out

2010, Acrylic and inkjet transfers on canvas, 30"w x 48"h

Scenes upon scenes from the television cast before me while growing up, there is an innate tendency for me to create narratives, or fragments of narratives. It is the increasing proliferation of this kind of imagery in current contemporary culture that draws me to work with, and combine fragments of reality with painting. In abstracting and merging photographic imagery with the canvas, my paintings suggest a world where differences are able to co-exist and depend on each other to be complete. Illusive clouds, landmasses and suggestive shapes describe such a landscape, one that admires the intricacies found in nature and perhaps tries to recreate the sublime. By embracing openness to interpretation, reality is suggested to be a shifting and subjective state, one where not only is the viewer created by it, but also where the viewer creates it.

Joanne Ho - I Dream of Somewhere Where the Sun Comes Out

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