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Kyle Hobratschk

Littlefield #11

2011, Copper plate etching and drypoint, 6"w x 4"h

These houses are located in Littlefield, Texas, a small cotton farming community outside of Lubbock, and are part of a growing series of etchings that represent houses I find pleasure in revisiting when traveling there for family. The local neighborhood streets are lined with homes that have stood since the early- to mid-twentieth century, and through a spectrum of demographics representing white, black, Asian and Hispanic cultures that find common ground in the consistent architectural vocabulary.

Copper plate etching is appropriate for these subjects because the medium has such rooted history in architectural rendering. Etchings produced in editions of multiple hundreds from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries often depict monumental or iconic structures like bridges and cathedrals to glorify and give identity to a city. The etchings from Littlefield are intended to document and bring attention to buildings that may not garner popular interest but provide sensitive examples of unassuming houses composed with an economy of shape and line not dictated by current modes of quick residential development.


Kyle Hobratschk - Littlefield #11

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