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Travis Hocutt


2013, Archival inkjet print, 25"w x 25"h

Debris from outer space drifts constantly into Earth’s atmosphere. Upon entering, these objects burn into molten metal. Larger pieces become meteorites, but many are the size of a grain of sand. These tiny pieces of space dust, or micrometeorites, rain constantly down on earth, unnoticed. I am currently engaged in a project to collect these tiny artifacts that occupy a fascinating space of specialness and insignificance due to their size and origin.

Travis Hocutt - Photograph

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Due to the building guidelines that are in place in response to the COVID-19 situation, we are unable to install a new art exhibit in our Farmington Hills, Michigan and Fort Worth, Texas offices.

Thankfully, the majority of artists who currently have their work on display in our Michigan and Texas locations have graciously allowed us to continue to do so through the spring of 2021. We would like to extend a huge thank you to those artists and we look forward to continuing with a new exhibition in the summer of 2021.