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Josh Jalowiec

SMU, BFA 2019

Cutler-Hammer Toggle Switch

Monotype with lino cut, cast iron, 2015, 14"w x 17"h x 5"d

Through a care for the handmade, I reflect on the use/abuse of artifacts, the invisible labor of the working class and the accumulation of time on the post-industrial landscape of my hometown. My work inhabits the patinas and rusts of a small town and the decaying surfaces of precarious industrial vessels. These pieces attempt to reflect, but are constantly failing, being “of” a place but no longer “in” a place. The problematic memory holds them in flux: a hand pump connected to a dry well, oil cans forever empty, a tire tread now just a flake of skin.

Josh Jalowiec - Cutler-Hammer Toggle Switch

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