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Shelby C. Johnson

TCU, BFA 2018r

I Keep Hitting My Head on the Ceiling Fan

Handmade paper, ink 2019 9"w x 12"h

I moved five times in five months and learned that all my belongings fit in my 2002 Nissan Maxima. With each move, my living space grew smaller, leading me to question how my body and my belongings relate to space. Lying on an air mattress in an empty living room makes me feel microscopic, while standing on a king-size bed in a small bedroom makes me feel gargantuan. I explore my body’s relationship to space in drawings on handmade paper. I create the paper from scraps of used papers I find in the spaces I occupy. This piece is a reflection on how a space can define a body.

Shelby C. Johnson - I Keep Hitting My Head on the Ceiling Fan

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