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Behnam Kamvari


oil pastel, 2013, 36"w x 48"h x 2"d

During my time at Harvard, I noticed an educational system that was based on submission to an academic dictatorship. For me happiness and joy ended in that environment, for I saw what narcissism and absolute obedience to the darkness of ego feels like and the negative consequences it can have over someone’s life. This work shows the submission and death of a figure under the darkness of ego and represents what happens to individual freedoms when the darkness of egocentric dominion takes control over individuals’ lives. I had a profound, life-changing event while at Harvard, and this painting represents a fraction of the pain and the rediscovery of true self that took place following my graduation. The work is unique in its reinvention of the old masters’ techniques, using an innovative and personal mix of charcoal and oil that has not been done before.

Behnam Kamvari - Submission

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